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Annual Maintanance Contract

Bike is an important asset and crucial personal investment. Whether you own a new or a pre-owned bike, maintaining it is a big responsibility.

6TH GEAR Annual Maintenance Contract is a service which takes stress out of bike care and maintenance.

It's is always difficult to pay huge repair bills or bear sky-high parts replacement costs.

And moreover the quality and overall value for the vehicle depreciates with time.

But, you can do little something to retain the quality and increase the life of the car.

Annual Maintenance Contract offers preventive maintenance and parts replacement services annually.

This ensures trouble-free operations, hassle free maintenance, periodic check-ups, scheduled servicing, and higher resale value.

You can take up this service to make sure your car performs consistently well, prevents breakdown, and is reliable enough to be on roads.

Annual Maintenance Contract includes services like

  • Intense check-ups
  • Servicing
  • Installation of new spare parts
  • Fuel replacement
  • Repairs
  • Bike washing
  • Paint protection
  • Labor discounts